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Ghanaians tell Mahama to leave Jean Mensa alone and go to court with election rigging evidence


Earlier, Jean Mensa described the 2020 general elections as historic, credible, and cost-effective.

Speaking at the 2021 ECOWAS Parliamentary Seminar held in Winneba in the Central region, she said the comparative cost of the election was reduced by 41% which is equivalent to 90 million dollars.

She stated that the 2020 elections were a historic one for the transparency, credibility, cost-effectiveness, high turnout, and peaceful conduct that characterised it.

Mahama disagreed and said “More than one million extra ballot papers were printed, which the EC claimed happened by mistake but on the day of the elections, some of the more than one million extra ballot papers had already been secretly thumb-printed in favour of the NPP.

“And, so, all these things dented the credibility of the polls and caused an embarrassment.

“I heard her [Jean Mensa] say it’s the best election Ghana has ever had and yet you run away from scrutiny at the Supreme Court.

“So, how do you boast that it’s the best election ever?”

However, Ghanaians on social media did not spare Mahama on his comments that Jean Mensa-led EC rigged the elections.

Some media users on Facebook charged him to stop making baseless allegations against the EC.

Some said Mahama should have presented evidence to the Supreme Court to determine the fate of the polls instead of accusing the EC.

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