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Haters And Bitter People Everywhere – Maame Esi Forson Blasts Claims She Got Her Expensive Properties By Sleeping With Politicians


Actress and comedienne, Maame Esi Forson has finally broken her silence on the wild claims that she got her expensive properties from sleeping with politicians and other big men in the country.

Earlier last week, the young successful actress disclosed during an interview with Delay that she has 25 acres of land in Accra and Takoradi aside from her 6 bedroom house plus over 20 taxis

She further claimed that she amassed her enviable fortune from the profits she made from her restaurant business.

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According to Maame Esi, she makes 10 cedis off every packaged food she sells the reason behind her 9-day wonder riches.

Ghanaians on the internet tagged her claims as fat lies because no one can acquire such properties within such a short time frame just from selling food.

Maame Esi was severely roasted by netizens for joining the host of other female celebrities who attribute their success to hard work meanwhile they secretly sleep with men to finance their luxury vacations, designer bags and clothes.

Reacting to these insults and assertions, Maame Esi has expressed her disappointment in the low minded people who think that a young woman can’t achieve anything meaningful in life without sleeping around.

To her, all the people harshly criticising her are a bunch of useless people full of envy and bitterness.

She further added that – “Oh she’s too young, she can’t own properties” – is one of the chorus failures sing anytime they see a young person making it big in life.

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I perfectly agree with Maame Esi because it’s only in Africa that we despise young rich people. Meanwhile, 20-year-olds are driving Ferraris in Europe and America

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com


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