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Set boundaries to avoid distractions – Luigi Maclean to musicians


Entertainment of Friday, 22 October 2021

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Luigi Maclean, Gospel Musician Luigi Maclean, Gospel Musician

Ghanaian gospel musician, Luigi Maclean, has advised colleague musicians to set boundaries for themselves to prevent them from being distracted from their career.

He made this statement responding to how he deals with the attention he gets from some ladies since a lot of them like to give talents like himself so much attention.

He told Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9 FM’s Ayekoo After Drive Show, “I think it depends on the individual and how you carry yourself. If you have boundaries you prevent yourself from such distractions and complications”.

He stated that it is also important to look at people who have gone ahead of you and the line in which they took and how they worked to take a cue from them.

Using himself as an example he mentioned that, he is so focused on his music career he does not even see these distractions when they come.

“You have to set boundaries for yourself to make sure not to go off track and to prevent certain things from happening in your life and I think that is what has also helped me get to where I am now” he shared.

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