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6 female celebrities whose marriages will spark excitement on social media


Delay, Serwaa Amihere and Nana Aba Anamoah are part the list of eligible female spinsters Delay, Serwaa Amihere and Nana Aba Anamoah are part the list of eligible female spinsters

• Some Ghanaians are keenly looking forward to witnessing the marriage of their female celebrities

• These celebrities have been pressured to get married

• They all seem to be living their best life

Yes, they are enjoying their single life but for some unknown reasons, fans cannot wait for them to get hitched!

Perhaps it is out of pure excitement, sheer curiosity with regards to unravelling their secret boyfriends, or even high expectations for their wedding day.

It could also be a result of their flashy lifestyles on social media or their stance on feminism.

Although most of them have either publicly confessed to dating someone or flaunted all kinds of engagement rings, the fact remains that fans want to see them with a married tag.

However, most of these women have on several platforms asked society to desist from putting pressure on women, particularly mature female celebrities to get married since, in their view, marriage is not their only priority.

Let’s take a look at some female celebrities whose marriages could cause excitement on social media

Serwaa Amihere

The popular broadcaster is one of the eligible spinsters in the Ghanaian media space. Considering her lifestyle, profession, spotlight, enchanting beauty, and influence in the public domain, social media will be thrown into full excitement if she decides to walk down the aisle.

Nana Aba Anamoah

The outspoken media personality has suffered countless trolls from the public with regards to her single life status. Her stance on issues and strong character has compelled people to wonder the type of man she will choose to settle with.

Also, with her kind of brand positioning and her constant advocacy against marriage-related societal pressures, social media users just cannot wait to see her married.

Lydia Forson

Although Lydia seems to be living her best life at age 36 and not succumbing to calls for her to settle down, social media users cannot wait to witness her wedding day. With her strong-willed character, many individuals wonder the kind of man she might end up settling with.

Deborah Vanessa

After suffering a severe heartbreak that was witnessed by a large section of Ghanaians, it seems Ghanaians cannot wait for the ‘Ghana Jollof hitmaker to publicly announce her wedding in the same light. She is 37-year-old and still sexy and that somewhat sparks confusion in the minds of social media users with regards to whom she’ll finally settle with.

Sandra Ankobiah

Flashy lifestyles? Globe throttling? Successful career? Lots of money? Yes, she’s got it and Ghanaians have witnessed all of that.

But one major thing they are looking forward to is her wedding day.

Sandra Ankobiah is always captured talking about her mystery man in most of her Instagram captions. As a result, people cannot wait for the barrister cum socialite to finally settle down.


First, she was rumoured to have given birth to a mystery man. Also, she has been seen on numerous occasions flaunting her engagement ring on social media. But in all of these, there is no clear confirmation with regards to her marital status. Delay has been under serious pressure to get married and fans cannot wait to witness that day.

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