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I never had a producer during my days as a presenter – Tommy Annan–Forson



Ace Broadcaster Tommy Annan-Forson Ace Broadcaster Tommy Annan-Forson

Ace Broadcaster Tommy Annan Forson has revealed that he never had a producer during his days as a radio presenter.

According to the Ace Broadcaster, it was hard for him to get a producer because he was more comfortable with doing things his way

“Uhmm it’s hard because I think I have virtually everything in my head nah I have everything in my head so I get to the studio my cds or okay now a days it’s even pen-drive so I just take one pen drive you know but it on your file or pc and relax I know where my sit tune is .. the moment I play the first song .. I know, he said

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on legends show, Mr Forson said a couple of producers tried to work him.

However, he wanted to do things on his own in order to take the blame if things don’t go as expected because he’s someone who can’t voice out if his producer is not doing the right thing.

“A couple of people have tried but they can’t maybe.. I’m not hard to deal with, I take advice you know I take advice but I think the the rate at which or the level at which I play my song the rhythmic pattern ..you see .. it will be difficult for me to say to a producer that no I don’t like this song he might feel it she might feel offended so I will rather do everything myself so that I can take the blame for my mistakes “

Hence, he had a producer for his Thursday shows at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

“I don’t think I’ve never had a producer I’m too meticulous when it comes to my program the only producer I had was the Thursday 6:20 old boy trade on GBC”, he added

Tommy Annan Forson is a veteran Ghanaian Broadcaster also known as The King of Country Music and The God Father of Radio, Radio personality and Founder of Rabodef Radio Academy.He took up a career in radio after being inspired by a radio program on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in 1978.

Role of a Radio Producer

Radio producers plan, create and develop radio programs, and oversee the technical and organisational aspects of their production. They generate and research ideas for programs, source on-air contributors, write and develop scripts, select music for the show and listen to recordings to edit them into stories or segments.

Radio producers may also present programs on-air or manage the presenters for pre-recorded or live broadcast content.

They check the copyright and legal guidelines of media content usage, brief on-air or technical staff about particular recording or broadcast requirements, and archive material that has been broadcast. Radio producers may work throughout Western Australia on commercial and community stations.


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