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26Y/O Popular Instagram Model ‘Tyger Booty’ Found Dead In Ghana From Unknown Cause; Family Doesn’t Trust The Police


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United states instagram model Tyger Booty, officially known as Julie Diane Williams, was found dead in Ghana from an unknown cause after being quarantined. Her body was discovered by the Ghanaian police at the Rayporsh Hotel in Agbelempke Accra.

Julie who is popularly known as Tyger Booty passed away at the age of 26, she obtained the name due to a tiger tattoo carefully drawn on her buttocks. She had over 601,000 followers on instagram and was well-known for her saultry and seduction images.

The Ghanaian authorities later issued a statement regarding the death of the fashion influencer, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The family has been formally notified of the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death,” police officials said.

“After testing positive for COVID-19 upon arrival, she was taken to the Ave Maria Hotel in South Legon-Accra….Further investigation revealed that on December 6, 2021, the deceased was picked up from the isolation centre by some alleged friends and taken to Zoko Lounge in the Airport residential area, where she had lunch, before being taken to the Rayporsh hotel in Abelemkpe.”

“According to records at the Rayporsh Hotel, the deceased checked out at noon on Sunday, December 12, 2021, intending to return to Nigeria, but was unable to do so due to visa issues.”

Two local suspects were arrested in connection with her death, although the nature of their crime has not been revealed yet. Julie who has been in Ghana since December 3, 2021, and was quarantined after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

According to her family “We don’t trust Ghanaian health officials to do a good job, so we want the autopsy done in the United States.” Julie’s social media platform to date is flooded with well tears and wishes from friends and fans.

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