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‘You are cowards’ – Prophet Kofi Oduro teases mates who couldn’t prophesy after Police directive


Founder and leader of the Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has made fun of colleagues who could not make predictions during the December 31 Crossover services due to the police directive which cautioned them against ‘reckless’ prophecies.

Addressing his congregation on Sunday after the crossover services, Prophet Oduro mocked the ‘men of God’ and described them as cowards and faint-hearted.

He said they were lucky to have stayed away from doom prophecies; otherwise, they would have laughed at the wrong side of their mouth.

“The prophecies have been locked in rooms. I didn’t know Ghanaian prophets feared Police arrest. You are cowards. You are afraid of five years imprisonment? John the Baptist and Paul were imprisoned…the righteous is bold as a lion,” Prophet Oduro said amid intermittent laughter.

“Some people are afraid of the police station. When Dampare was at Lapaz checking the state of security in the area, people were in their churches complaining that he is preventing them from prophesying.”

“If you are a man, prophesy and say needless things. You are dead when you are arrested and sent to Tesano or Accra Command and finally remanded at Nsawam. You will have sores all over your backside by the time you return.”

This comes after the founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie, told his congregants on December 31, 2021, that his prophecies were not about Ghana or persons in Ghana but a country called Umuofia.

Prophet Gaisie accused the police of ‘restraining’ religious leaders from freely giving prophecies about people in the country.

“I am not talking to the people of Ghana because of the repressive system going on in Ghana. I am not talking about the topographical, geographical land called Ghana. I am prophesying to a nation called Umuofia,” he said.

Prophet Kofi Oduro disagrees with that assertion. He believes if the prophecies are from God, there should not be any constraint in delivering them.

“I want to tell the prophets of Ghana – maybe it’s not the Almighty God and the God of the Bible you people are working with, but if it is the God of the Bible, speak the word, and he will defend the word; prophesy and he will defend the word but if you say ‘unnecessary things’, you’d be jailed.”

He stressed that “if God gives me a message to be delivered to the President, he will hear it; I don’t care about what laws you have in the country. Likewise, when God gives me a word for the IGP, he will hear it; I don’t care what law you have in this country.”

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