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I donated money as huge as someone’s ‘one-year-pay’ to Psalm Adjeteyfio – Ayisha Modi


Ayisha Modi tackles Psalm Adjeteyfio

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Psalm Adjeteyfio begs for support again

Music investor, Ayisha Modi, popularly known as ‘She loves Stonebwoy,’ has joined the tall list of Ghanaians to condemn Psalm Adjeteyfio for wasting monies donated to cater for his needs.

Ayisha Modi’s rants come after Psalm Adjeteyfio was again captured begging for leftovers from TV Presenter, MzGee in a viral video.

Many individuals after chancing upon the audio have been struggling to grasp the idea that TT, who was offered some GHC50,000 donation from Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and some other benevolent individuals only four months ago, has again come out on social media to beg for ‘leftovers’ from popular TV presenter, MzGee.

Ayisha in a bid to touch on the ongoing discussion also stated that she gifted Psalm Adjeteyfio a huge sum of money that couldn’t have rendered him broke enough to beg again.

“I also donated. He made over a billion four months ago bro. This is just too much. We know the country is hard but the amount I gave TT last year is someone’s one year pay in Ghana,” she wrote in the comment section of a blog that published TT’s story on social media.

She also wondered the kind of investments Psalm Adjeteyfio claims to have made with all the monies received from sympathizers including Dr. Bawumia.


“If TT made an investment from all the money we gave him, he can be making about GH₵6,000 a month bro. So, what kind of investment is he talking about? I invested $50,000 at a bank in Ghana and I make $6,000 profit every six months,” she added.

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