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Some of our old musicians are selfish – Mr. Logic jabs

Entertainment Pundit Mr. Logic says the Ghanaian music industry has not seen proper growth because some of the old musicians are selfish.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz, Mr. Logic said that some old musicians failed to bring up successors hence could not continue their legacy. According to him, some of them did a great disservice to the industry hence the industry is paying dearly for their negligence.
“…The elders who came before us are too selfish and Self-centered. They don’t know how to pull the young ones along….”

Mr. Logic made reference to the sour relationship between legendary musician Kojo Antwi and his sound-alike Kwaisey Pee. The latter has had to go through serious criticism from fans of the former because he sings and sounds like him. Rumor even has it that the two are not in speaking terms because of the supposed ‘beef’ between them.

According to Mr. Logic, he believes the situation was not handled properly by the maestro Kojo Antwi. Mr. Logic feels Kojo Antwi should have supported the ‘Mehia Odo’ hit maker so he can have the confidence to churn out great songs.
“…Kojo Antwi should have held you up and said that this is my guy and when I leave he is going to succeed me. That is how to grow the industry. It really hurts me that he did not bring you close because you are a talented musician….”

Watch the video below:

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