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Moses Atobrah set to release new album dubbed ‘Ye be yi w’aye’



Gospel artiste, Moses Atobrah, will on Monday, February 28, launch his new album dubbed ‘Ye be yi w’aye’.

The album was produced and arranged by Joseph Amoah of Springboard Studios.

Moses Atobrah has so far written and recorded about 56 songs. Many remember him for the 90s hit worship song “Honhom Krokron Yehia Wo” to wit “We Need You Holy Spirit.”

Speaking on Joy FM’s UpClose with Fifi Folson on Reason is Jesus, Moses Atobrah on Sunday, February 20, disclosed that his maiden gospel ‘Honhom Krokron’ hit came right from the throne room of grace.

“I think I received this song on the campus of IPS now UPSA about 26, 27 years ago so I did the recording and exactly 25 years ago I released an album when I was in my final year. It was a whole album that was released. The title of that album was ‘Twe B3n No’ to wit ‘Draw Close to God.’”

According to the singer, during that time, he had suffered a huge blow after his relationship with his girlfriend ended. He noted that “the pain was so deep”.

“The real driving force behind that first song was as a result of a broken relationship I had at the time. I never knew I had that gift of writing songs. I was just there alone and this song dropped. The song meant, draw close to God and give your heart to Him. I recall that broken heart, I was full of pain. So I realized I had the gift and then subsequently the songs kept coming,” he added.

Mr Atobrah is currently a Council Member of the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is an entrepreneur behind huge brands like Debbies and Debbies Tone African Herbal range of organic products.

He has also worked with Tigo, Shell, Softsheen Carson, Merchant Bank, and Star Assurance.


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