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Don’t do music because of money – Naa Agyeman


Ghanaian Highlife veteran, Naa Agyeman has implored musicians to desist from making money a priority at the expense of investing in their craft and producing good songs.

Speaking to Joy Prime’s KMJ on Prime Morning Thursday, he said that young artistes who have the sole aim of acquiring material wealth through music will end up derailing their careers.

The Araba hitmaker indicated that throughout his career, he has never made money the central reason for making music. Rather, serving humanity with the God-given talent has been his purpose.

 “When you’re doing music, don’t make money your first priority because it’s your talent you want to showcase. You need money to produce, but if you make it your focus, it will swerve you. And because the talent is in you, if you don’t do it, it will haunt you forever.” he said.

“I’ve never regretted doing music. Also, the late Awurama Badu was my aunty and I stayed with her for a while. So music is in my family. I realized music is my talent and you know If you have something in you and you don’t do it, it disturbs you,” Naa Agyeman added.

He also said that, “I stopped all copyright proceedings that my managers wanted to take up with Kelvynboy on when he used one of his verses, ‘MEA’ because I see him to be a very good and talented musician.”    

Naa Agyeman also urged the young and upcoming artistes to make humility and respect their prime priority as those are the tools that will enable them survive in the music industry.

“Because I’ve stayed with the late Awurama Badu, she advised me on humility, respect as well as how to go about my music career. Just as the Bible says, ‘we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but with principalities.’ So if you’re not careful in your work, you might think you’re moving forward but your enemies might be pulling you back. 

“So when I got into the industry, I humbled and respected my managers as well as the elders in the industry, and made sure I was always punctual at any music programmes, so no one would have any negativity against me. I will advise that the current artistes should involve God, humility and respect in everything they do, and help the veterans as well to get blessings from them,” he said.

The Highlife Musician, announced that he will soon release some songs with highlife artistes, Kwabena Kwabena and Akwaboah.

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