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All you need to know about BetKing-Ghana virtual jackpots campaign


If you enjoy online sports betting, here’s your chance to supercharge your winnings simply by betting on your favourite football leagues.

That’s right, BetKing’s jackpots are virtual game-changers in online sports betting as they reward you for simply doing what you love.

How It Works

Entering the jackpot draw is quick and simple. Simply place a bet on any of the available virtual leagues. Whether it’s Kings League, Kings Liga, Kings Bundesliga or Kings Italiano, all bets placed on any virtual football league are automatically entered into the draw.

The more times you bet, the higher your chances of winning as more entries are registered into the draw with each bet. It doesn’t even matter if the bet slip was won or lost, you’ll still get an entry into the jackpot pool! There’s no limit to the number of entries you can have, giving you endless potential to win.

The Prizes

BetKing Ghana offers two types of jackpots, namely the Duke Jackpot and the KingMaker Jackpot. The former is a daily jackpot with cash winnings of GHC125 every day whereas the latter is a weekly jackpot with maximum cash winnings of GHC1000 every week.

This means that any time you bet on a BetKing virtual league, winning your bet is not the only reward you can look forward to. You could also potentially win GHC125 or GHC1000!

Virtual football leagues just got a whole lot more exciting; will you be the next winner? Head to BetKing and level up your winnings today.

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