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The best celebrity pictures on Instagram this week


It depends on many factors and most importantly the person rocking the dress.

Celebrities have a whole team of helpers to get them ready for their big nights but for us normal people, we have to get our inspiration from the celebrities themselves. In absence of our personal stylists, we look to our favourite stars to give us much-needed outfit inspo.

With events, vacations, and birthday parties to attend, celebrities are never short of pictures to dazzle us with on Instagram.

This week was particularly interesting. These are our top picks;

Nana Ama looks elegant in the fit. It’s how the coloured pieces are arranged for us.

Too much beauty in a photo.

Selly is our hottest celebrity for hot colours. The pink and green combination came out perfect.

The glam boss obviously. He had to make this list while wearing this outfit.

Come through Fella. We love this bold look from the actress.

We love to see. Berla is turning heads with this corporate fit.

If we were feeling yellow, Jackie Appiah’s outfit is the perfect inspiration.

Our number one picture of the week. Benedicta looks amazing in this orange gown.

Majid’s look is certainly fresh and inspiring.

Serwaa has never had an off-day fashion-wise. The fit, the makeup, the hair, everything is fashionable.


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