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Use of Ghana Card to register as voter is subject to being challenged – EC


Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission, Serebour Quaicoe has said that the use of the Ghana Card to register for the 2024 election is subject to being challenged by anyone who deems it fit.

This, he explained, is because some Ghanaians may have obtained the Ghana Card through unauthorised means.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Newsfile, he stated that having a Ghana Card, the required identification document for registration, does not guarantee that everyone would be registered to vote.

“Even though your Ghana Card is your evidence..again if you come with your Ghana Card, it does not mean that you will not be challenged. So it is possible that some people might have also acquired the Ghana Card through fraudulent means. If anybody does that you can still challenge them,” he said.

He, however, defended the use of the Ghana Card as a sole means for identification in registering new voters for the 2024 elections.

According to him, the decision to use the Ghana Card is to prevent chaos at polling stations during elections. He cited confusion that emerged out of the 2020 election at the polling stations.

Dr. Quaicoe stated that the problems with registration and voting are the reason the EC is adjusting its systems and is committed to making the Ghana Card the sole identification card for voting.

“As Electoral Commission, we cannot sit there. That’s why we are always adjusting our systems, first we were not using biometric, now we’re using biometric. We want to do anything to remove chaos about registration”.

Touching on claims that the EC is compiling a new voter’s register, Mr Serebour Quaicoe said it is not true.

According to him, the use of the Ghana Card to register, “is for only those who have not registered.”

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