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Breaking the 8 is feasible for us in 2024 – Akufo-Addo charges NPP supporters


Speaking on his working visit to the North East Region, the President the NPP nearly broke the eight-year rule jinx in 2008.

He noted that despite the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war on the economy, if the government did not listen to “unnecessary comments” and remained focused and worked hard, it would put the NPP in a good position to break the eight-year political cycle in 2024.

“Breaking the eight is very feasible. Many people forget that in 2008 when we lost, we nearly broke the eight if you look at the vote margin. Overall, we were short by 40,000 votes. That was a tiny margin so it tells you that if NPP puts things together, we can make history,” he noted.

Addressing the people via the local radio, he said it was extremely important for Ghanaians to repose their confidence in the NPP in 2024 because the “NPP is the only political party that has the capacity to develop the country systematically”.

He said it would be his greatest legacy to leave the party to go over that historic hurdle, while ensuring the peace and development of the country.

“I came to office with Ghana as a peaceful and united country; I will like to leave that also as part of my achievement in office. I also want to see a Ghana which is growing rapidly again with the seven to eight per cent growth rate we went through in my first term in office to open opportunities for young people and to have a very strong educational structure,” he said.

“I will like to be in a situation whereby in 10 years down the lane people will remember that Akufo-Addo’s period saw Ghana expand and grow and become stronger,” he said.

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