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Kanye West’s fifth divorce attorney quits amid split from Kim Kardashian


Kanye West has lost his fifth divorce attorney as reported by TMZ amid his separation from Kim Kardashian, which finally has a trial date set for later this year.

As reported by Rolling Stone, his former lawyer Samantha Spector was relieved from the case on Friday after she requested such from Los Angeles County Judge Steve Cochran in May.

She cited a breakdown in communication as the reason behind the request, leaving Ye without representation in the divorce proceedings.

The former couple were declared legally single in March, but they’ve yet to reach a settlement in regards to their wealth and four children together.

“We’ve been ready for quite a while,” said Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser, who noted that her client wanted the trial date set this year. “I actually have a stipulated judgment drafted. I’m just trying to get someone to pay attention to me.”

Laura Wasser added that the two parties in the divorce “are getting along” and are communicating, although they are still seeking Kanye’s “declaration of disclosure” in order to close the case. Preliminary financial disclosures were filed by Kim’s legal team in November, whereas Kanye has yet to do so.

Divorce proceedings are set to go to trial on December 14, but if more evidence and witnesses are required the case will go to a different courtroom.

Judge Cochran requested that Laura Wasser ask Kanye to respond to the case by September 30, and the trial will go ahead if he fails to respond. 

“We’d like the parties to try to settle the case and arrive at a stipulated judgment, if possible, and then be ready to have a trial on unresolved matters,” said Judge Cochran.

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