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Cut our thumb we will vote for NPP with our tongue but… — Kwabre East Chief


He told Kumasi-based Akoma FM that “we have not seen a single tarred road in my area. Not even a single government second cycle school at Mampongten. Yet, we are the world bank of NPP in terms of votes so why have they sidelined us six years into their administration?

He expressed anger at the poor state of development in the Municipality and described it as political neglect of the highest order.

He described the Kwabre East Constituency as the ‘world bank’ of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) adding that the party in government has neglected the constituency.

According to him, “we the people of Kwabre East have been faithful and loyal to the NPP because from time immemorial even if you cut our thumb we will vote for NPP with our tongue but this time around when we go to the 2024 polls we will asses development in our areas before we stick our neck out and vote.

He stated that Mamponteng which is the Municipal capital, had no single tarred road, public senior high school, or fit-for-purpose hospital for the past 35 years when the Municipality was established.

Earlier, hundreds of residents clad in red and black attire thronged the Chief’s Palace where the chief held a press conference to trumpet their concerns.

Led by market women and the youth, the charged crowd poured out their frustration about the lack of development in the Municipality.

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