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MzVee opens up on how a failed relationship inspired her song


Musician Mzvee has revealed her past failed relationship with her ex-boyfriend inspired her ‘Fed Up’ song on the 10:30 album.

According to the artiste, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her at the time and came back begging.

“This is from one of my Exes. He’s married and the song is saying that he wants to come back. But unfortunately, you can’t have me. I’m fed up,” she said.

This relationship, she told Becky, was back in senior high school.

“This was a long time ago. We were really young, I was in secondary school. So this is like going back in time and singing about some stuff.”

MzVee was quick to add that they are both in a good place now.

“Were cool now, he’s married and it’s a story to tell so it’s in that song… I am however currently single and not in love with anyone,” she added.

Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, as she is known in real life, is a Ghanaian singer, Afropop, dancehall and R&B artiste. Her debut solo album features several hit singles including ‘Borkor Borkor’, ‘Natural Girl’ and ‘Dancehall Queen. She currently has 5 albums to her credit.

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