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Hollard and Melcom celebrate 5,000 policies in 2 years of partnership


Since partnering to make insurance more accessible to Ghanaians through a Shop and Insure initiative, insurance group Hollard Ghana, with subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life, is marking two years of partnership with retail giant, Melcom.

The two industry leaders launched their partnership in 2020 and have gone on to provide over five thousand policies to Ghanaians shopping at Melcom stores via Hollard on-the-go booths and on their e-commerce platform www.melcom.com/hollard-insurance.  

Shoppers can access non-life and life insurance products such as motor insurance, home appliance plan, cell phone insurance, gadgets purchased such as flat-screen TVs, smart devices, deep freezers, fridges, travel insurance, funeral, personal accident, investments, and savings policies at Melcom.

Commenting on the partnership’s success, Group CEO of Hollard Ghana, Patience Akyianu said the partnership’s progress is a step in the right direction.

“Two years ago, we embarked on a journey to enable more Ghanaians to create and secure a better future by offering insurance where they shop. We promised them a simplified way of buying insurance, paying premiums, and making claims whilst shopping at the nation’s one-stop-shop, Melcom. Today, I’m excited to say we have honoured our promise by securing their lives and purchases at Melcom.”

“We are an unconventional company that believes in diversifying access to insurance through our distribution channels. We understand buying insurance at a department store is still uncommon, but we are confident to report that Ghanaians are coming to accept and demand convenience. To ease things, our periodic insurance education awareness week at Melcom has helped us engage directly with Melcom shoppers. We’re doing our part to increase the penetration of insurance in Ghana. Thank you to Melcom for being a great partner. We couldn’t have found a better enabler. We look forward to an even more fruitful continuation of our partnership,” she noted.

Hollard and Melcom celebrate 5,000 policies in 2 years of partnership

On their part, the Directors of Melcom Group said, “As the leading retailer, we have always strived to offer more to our customers, that fulfils not just their daily needs but also lifestyle needs. Offering basic insurance services from both our physical and electronic stores is a move that for sure is unorthodox in this market but offers convenience to our customers at the same time. This partnership also reaffirms our commitment to support a larger agenda of the government to drive financial inclusion via Holland’s insurance services. We are hopeful that this partnership will help society all the more, in the days to come”.

Testimonials are positive as people are pleasantly surprised by the simple and hassle-free claims processes. “When I received the alert of ¢30,000. I couldn’t believe it. Hollard Ghana truly comes through during your time of need,” said one claimant who requested anonymity. Hollard-trained agents can be found at local Melcom shops or quick to respond to enquiries via the online portal.

The country’s favourite insurance group is Hollard Ghana, with subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance.

The group combines its deep local knowledge of the market, having operated in Ghana for 25 years as Metropolitan Insurance, with the world-class expertise of an international insurance brand in 18 countries worldwide.

With its feet firmly planted on Ghanaian soil but headquartered in South Africa, Hollard delivers innovative insurance solutions customised to Ghanaians’ unique risks.

Melcom Limited is West Africa’s leading organized retail chain. Established in 1989, it has footprints across Ghana with 55+ retail stores and 12 Cash n Carry outlets, making it a preferred shopping destination.

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