Home Business 2022 Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair takes off today

2022 Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair takes off today


The 2022 Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair will take off this morning at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The five-day event from August 24 to 28, is on the theme ‘Homeownership: Where you live matters’ and is expected to attract about 100 exhibitors that are expected to showcase their offerings (products and services) to the teeming patrons who will throng the fairgrounds.

The event is expected to attract several thousands of potential house owners who will be connected to mortgage financing by the headline sponsor, Ecobank, real estate companies and others, to enable their dreams come true.

2022 Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair takes off today

It will also give key stakeholders and companies in the construction and artisanal industry the enviable platform to share their exciting ideas and offer attractive discounts on their products and services.

This year’s event which is the 13th edition since its inception is under theme the theme; ‘Homeownership: Where you live matters.’

Prior to the main event, mini clinics, were organised to serve as a preparation for the main event.

According to General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Multimedia Group Limited, Max Fugar, the event will provide an opportunity for the public to acquire building materials at a discounted rate.

Key stakeholders for this year’s Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair are also poised to provide solutions to bridge Ghana’s housing deficit.

2022 Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair takes off today

Mr. Fugar said almost 100 exhibitors have been registered for the event and are willing to provide salient housing solutions to potential home owners.

He added that patrons and exhibitors will be presented with special packages this year.

“We have registered close to 100 exhibitors. Our target is to have a lot of Ghanaians to follow us. One unique thing this year is that patrons and exhibitors will get prizes”, he said.

On Sunday August 28, 2022, patrons will have the opportunity to enjoy a seminar on housing, its financing and other related matters.

The topic for the seminar is “Owning where you live – the practical approach under the prevailing economic situation”.

2022 Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair takes off today

Objective of the Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair

The fair would provide opportunities to many potential property owners to become abreast of the processes leading to acquiring their houses.

Many stakeholders in the industry will share and educate the prospective home owners on what to do to secure their houses with ease. 

2022 Ecobank/JoyNews Habitat Fair takes off today

From land acquisition, sale, starting to build, using the right materials, completing the building to paintings and fitting all that is needed, the Habitat will be a one-stop-shop for all your housing needs.

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