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The best celebrity pictures on Instagram this week


It depends on many factors and most importantly the person rocking the dress.

Celebrities have a whole team of helpers to get them ready for their big nights but for us normal people, we have to get our inspiration from the celebrities themselves. In absence of our personal stylists, we look to our favourite stars to give us much-needed outfit inspo.

With events, vacations, and birthday parties to attend, celebrities are never short of pictures to dazzle us with on Instagram.

This is another exciting week on Instagram and of course, we were delighted and thrilled to gaze at some exceptional pictures.

Selly Galley left us beguile with her birthday photos.

An African print slay done to perfection.

The ‘Sugar Cane’ hitmaker gave us a sparkling black outfit. The green hair got as staring.

Berla gave brides-to-be the perfect inspiration.

Calista is Miss Teen Tourism 2022 and she is making it count. She looked like the queen she is on her birthday.

Fine boy comes from Ghana.

This corporate look got us staring.

Emelia looks too good pink.

It’s how Sika is giving it hot while the rains are still down.

Joselyn is stunning in this blonde and nude look.


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