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5 outfits for 5 days of work if you are broke and on a budget


How can you slay to work all week if you don’t have a lot of money?

You have to embrace thrift shopping to get amazing discounted wears if you want to look good at work. While shopping for thrift, here are five outfits, you have to buy:

Did you think I was going to say a black blazer? Yes, a black blazer has its purposes, but it’s quite boring. Get a blue, yellow, pink, brown, or tan blazer. You can wear it to add a little pop of colour to an all-black outfit.

A white shirt is a wardrobe essential. A crisp white shirt is easy to pair with jeans, chinos, or other types of pants. Plus, it gives you a professional look.

A two-piece has become an emerging trend. Many people wear this loose loungewear because it is comfortable and corporate casual. When you have two or three pairs in your closet, you won’t have to think too much about what to wear.

When it comes to the best gowns for work, blazer gowns or shirt dresses are the most fashionable pieces of clothing any working woman can own. It commands attention and always looks great.

Black is out; brown is in. If you are wondering about the colour of pants you should wear to work, then always choose to buy brown pants; they pair nicely with a knitted jacket.

For all these outfits, you need one kind of shoe: a pump with a medium heel in black or brown. You can also wear white sneakers for a more casual look.


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