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Greater Accra NDC Women’s Organizer supports limited registration exercise


This thoughtful gesture reflects Bortey’s commitment to alleviating the financial burden that the constituency women’s organizers might face during this crucial period. It also serves as an additional source of motivation, empowering them to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

Each women’s organizer in the region is set to receive a generous donation consisting of 20 packs of assorted drinks and 20 packs of bottled water.

This substantial contribution is expected to provide significant relief and bolster their efforts as they work diligently in preparation for the limited registration exercise.

Felicia M. Bortey’s act of kindness underscores the importance of solidarity and support within the NDC as the organization prepares for this critical event. It reflects a shared commitment to ensuring that the limited registration process is as smooth and efficient as possible, allowing eligible citizens to exercise their right to participate in the democratic process.

The Greater Accra Region’s NDC constituency women’s organizers can now move forward with renewed vigor, knowing that they have the support and backing of their regional leadership.

Felicia M. Bortey’s contribution not only eases their financial burden but also demonstrates the unity and collaboration that are essential to the success of political organizations in Ghana.

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