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Lord Bawa Martey: Goalkeeper says rich man snatched his girlfriend due to low wages


Using himself as an example, Martey said he once lost his girlfriend to a rich man because of his low wages.

“Someone simply snatched my girlfriend. She left me because of money. In the beginning, she was all cool because of the publicity I was getting but publicity wasn’t enough to keep her,” he said on Angel TV.

“She complained a lot and I was always giving excuses about bad salaries so when a rich man came she left. I don’t fault her.

“It’s not easy having a girlfriend in this setting. We are often accused of being womanizers but it’s not true. Assuming I’m playing for a team in Tamale and I’m on a GH₵500 a month salary and by grace, I get to date a waakye seller who gifts me waakye for free, I will have to work for it.”

Martey further lamented the low wages given to players in the local league, and said some earn as low as GHc300.

He further noted that the poor remuneration of players is the reason why he decided not to join another Ghanaian club leaving Dreams FC.

“Even though it’s our profession and we believe in our talent, we don’t get the needed recognition. It is not reflected in our salaries. If we were to list our worries, we would not end.

“I chose not to sign for any team this season due to reasons best known to me. I had a lot of offers but I rejected them due to previous experiences.

“You could get injured in the line of duty and no one would mind you. We still have players who earn as little as GHC300 cedis. Assuming you are paid GH ₵300, how do you survive monthly?” Martey added.

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