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How to wrap your kente like a pro

Here’s how to do it in five easy steps, ensuring you look every bit the part while paying homage to this exquisite art form.

Step 1: Choose your style

Before anything else, decide on the style you’re aiming for. Kente can be draped in various ways, from formal attire suitable for weddings and festivals to a casual, chic look.

Your choice will determine how you proceed, so picture your final look before you start.

Lay your kente cloth out flat and smooth out any wrinkles. If it’s your first time, opting for a shorter piece might be easier to manage. This prep step is crucial for a neat appearance once you’re wrapped up.

Step 3: Wrap it around your body

Now, take one end of the kente and wrap it around your body from the back to the front. If you’re going for a toga-like look, drape it over one shoulder.

Ensure it’s snug but comfortable around your waist or bust, depending on the style you’ve chosen.

Once you have the cloth wrapped around you as desired, it’s time to secure it. This can be done with a simple tuck under the layer of cloth around your waist or by using a brooch for a more elaborate setup.

Make sure it’s tight enough to stay in place but not so tight that it restricts movement.

Step 5: Adjust and accessorize

Finally, adjust the cloth to make sure it drapes nicely and flatters your figure. Feel free to accessorize with traditional jewelry or other elements that complement the kente and enhance your overall look.

Remember, the goal is to honor the fabric’s beauty and significance while making it your own.

Wrapping kente is more than just a fashion statement; it’s an embrace of Ghanaian culture and an expression of personal style.

By following these five simple steps, you’ll not only look stunning but also carry a piece of Ghanaian heritage with you.

Whether at a traditional gathering or a casual outing, your kente will surely turn heads and spark conversations. So, wrap it, rock it, and wear it with pride!

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