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C-Real gets new job as Brands & Marketing Manager for 3Music Networks

As the founder and creative director of Pulse Communications, a leading marketing and advertising agency, C-Real brings extensive experience gained from collaborating with numerous local and international brands.

Going beyond conventional boundaries, he co-founded Ridge City Women FC, driven by a vision to raise the profile of Ghanaian football on the world stage, particularly focusing on female athletes.

Far from being satisfied with laying the groundwork for his ambitions, C-Real has distinguished himself as a multi-nominated creative artist and award-winning writer, earning recognition among Ghana’s top echelon in Marketing & Brand Consultancy.

His portfolio showcases a diverse range of partnerships with prestigious brands such as UNICEF, Ecobank, GIZ, MTN, Fidelity Bank, and others, underscoring his versatility and influence in the marketing industry. As a key partner, C-Real played a pivotal role in organizing Ghana’s inaugural edition of the global franchise – Social Media Week, attracting participation from major players like Google and Meta, among others.

Expanding his role, the self-taught audio & video editor, award-winning poet, and multi-nominated songwriter embraces the responsibility of stewarding the 3Music Networks brand. With a steadfast commitment to nurturing and upholding its image, personality, and promise, he pledges to ensure unwavering resonance with its audience.

With an acute attention to detail and a penchant for innovation, C-Real is positioned to lead 3Music Networks’ narrative across a spectrum of marketing channels. From traditional avenues to cutting-edge digital platforms, his goal is to strengthen the brand’s presence, cultivate meaningful connections, and propel consumer engagement.

In C-Real, 3Music Networks discovers not only a Brands & Marketing Manager but also a visionary leader capable of navigating the delicate balance between creative flair and strategic insight. Together, they are poised to elevate the brand to unprecedented levels of success in the ever-evolving market landscape.

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