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Nacee talks about being diagnosed with sickle cell at a tender age

Recalling his childhood, Nacee shared, “The doctor said I would die at the age of 20 or 22 because I was diagnosed with sickle cell at a tender age”

However, despite being born into a Christian family, Nacee had to rededicate his life to Christ and undergo a transformative spiritual renewal to strengthen his faith in prayer and seek healing from the ailment.

“I was saved by God, while in church one day, my pastor did an altar call after preaching and I wondered why I was sick when God had taken all our sickness away. I decided to get up and go forward with faith. After the pastor prayed and anointed me, till today, I have never taken any medication nor fallen sick again,” Nacee shared, highlighting the powerful impact of his newfound faith and the transformative healing he experienced.

He emphasises that Christians should rely on faith as their fundamental tool during times of need.

Given his own experiences growing up, Nacee has developed a passion for assisting individuals facing destitution and challenging circumstances.

Grateful for defying the medical doctor’s prediction, Nacee, now in his 50s, expressed his gratitude to God for granting him strength and vitality throughout his life.

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