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NPP Amenfi East Parliamentary Candidate urges illegal miners to beat soldiers – Video

Addressing the miners, Ernest Frimpong revealed that all anti-galamsey task forces, including “Operation Halt” and “Galamstop,” have been disbanded by the government. Consequently, he claimed that no soldier has the authority to stop anyone from mining.

“Operations such as ‘Operation Halt’ and ‘Galamstop’ have been cancelled, and soldiers no longer have permission to carry out such operations. If anyone comes to your site, you have the right to question their mission,” he stated in the Twi language.

Frimpong clarified that if a soldier claims to be on patrol, this is acceptable as police and security patrols help protect miners from robbery. He, however, suggested that miners could voluntarily offer money for fuel, which he would not oppose. However, he strongly advised miners to resist any soldier who tries to shut down their operations.

“If someone arrives and, because they are a soldier, tells you to leave the site and dismantle your machines, do not be intimidated by their uniform. If they beat you, beat them back. Fight them, and I will defend you,” he charged, receiving rousing applause from the miners.

Justifying his stance, Frimpong insisted that, in the absence of an official anti-galamsey operation, any action by soldiers to stop illegal mining was itself illegal.

“The authority for them to arrest you has been revoked. Therefore, if you are engaged in illegal mining and a soldier tries to arrest you, they are also engaging in illegality, and you should arrest them,” he added.

Ernest Frimpong’s statements have sparked significant controversy, raising concerns about the rule of law and the ongoing battle against illegal mining in Ghana.

His comments have drawn criticism from various quarters, calling into question the NPP’s commitment to combating galamsey and maintaining order.

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