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A Day of Innovation and Advancement

On June 25, 2024, the prestigious Maslow Hotel was abuzz with the spirit of innovation and the promise of technological advancement as it hosted the much-anticipated TechXAfrica event. Organized by Billion Systems, a trailblazer in business and technology solutions, the conference was a full-day affair that brought together industry leaders, technology experts, and business innovators from across the continent.

The exciting day ahead was set in motion by the opening remarks made by MC Minnie Dlamini and the heartfelt welcome given by Ayanda Ngebulana, CEO of Billion Systems. Director of Billion Systems. Nisha Kostas then highlighted the vital contributions of the event’s partners.

In a stirring speech, Billion Group Chairman Dr. Sisa Ngebulana, the host of the event, emphasized the value of innovation and teamwork in the ICT industry. His words struck a deep chord with the crowd and demonstrated the revolutionary potential of technology in modern society.

Dr. Sisa Ngebulana, the Chairman of Billion Group and Director of Billion Systems, is an admitted attorney and a visionary leader. He developed numerous regional shopping malls in South Africa and founded the first black-managed property fund listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

A stellar lineup of speakers, each bringing a specialization to the table, was on hand for the conference:

  • Anchor Partner: ICT WORKS: With over 30 years of combined experience in information and communication technology, Maggy Sibiya, Chief Operations Officer of ICT-Works, and Naglin Tuganadar provided strategic insights into ICT operations in South and Sub-Saharan Africa. They explored the subject of “From Growth Aspirations to Action: How AI can Accelerate Business Efficiencies,” providing informative details on the practical applications of AI in a variety of sectors.

They outlined the ways that the application of AI algorithms is resulting in increased efficiency. Additionally, they talked about how AI is transforming sectors like banking and telecommunications by offering tailored advice and immediate support.

  • Reddy Shivaprasad, Vice President of In10s Tech’s Middle East and Africa, gave an insightful presentation on “Enabling Digital Transformation of Enterprises,” focusing on digital transformation, information technology, and office automation. With over 30 years of experience, Shivaprasad offers strategies for businesses to navigate their digital journeys effectively. He explored the key points enabling digital transformation, such as the importance of information technology and office automation in modern enterprises, and analyzed the impact of digital transformation on enterprises in the Middle East and Africa region.
  • Raji Challita, General Manager of ISTBML, gave important insights into developments in financial technology and emphasized his leadership in creating cutting-edge core financial solutions for long-term digital transformation. He provided insight into the most recent developments in digital banking during his discussion of “Trends in Banking Systems in the Digital Era.” To succeed in the market going forward, he underlined the significance of adjusting to these trends.
  • Campbell Clout, Managing Director of APMEA at Odessa, discussed VAF transformation initiatives and asset leasing associations in a discussion on the evolving landscape of technology services. He highlighted the impact of XaaS models on traditional equipment and auto finance business models and highlighted successful asset leasing partnerships that have adapted by offering subscription-based services for their customers.
  • Introducing “Zhongguancun Science Park South Africa (Beijing/South Africa)” to the audience, Alice Qi of Zhongguancun Science Park highlighted global cooperation in technological innovation. To spur innovation and open new prospects for both countries, she underlined the significance of forming collaborations between China and South Africa. Alice Qi talked about how the two areas may collaborate on research projects and exchange talent and knowledge. The prospects of international cooperation and the alliance’s potential to bring forth significant technological breakthroughs enthused the audience.

 A Day of Collaboration & Networking

The conference featured a series of compelling presentations and panel discussions, each delving into critical aspects of business technology and its transformative potential

Participants got the opportunity to interact with the presenters, share ideas, and look into collaborations that can influence how business technology is used in Africa in the future. They also gained a deeper understanding of how these companies are shaping the future of industrial operations through innovative technologies.

Ravin Naidu of Pinnacle/Alcatel-Lucent enriched the agenda by talking about “The Future of Connected Intelligence.” He led a lively discussion on the potential impact of AI and machine learning on connected intelligence, emphasizing the importance of data security and privacy in this digital age.  also contributed by discussing “Automation and Virtualization in Driving Business Efficacy.” She delved into the role of automation and virtualization in streamlining business processes and increasing efficiency, highlighting the need for businesses to adapt to rapidly evolving technology trends.

Both speakers provided valuable insights into how companies can leverage technology to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

Bernard Serote of QNUM Analytics concluded the partner sessions with a riveting discussion titled “Applied Data Science in Heavy Industrial Operations.”

In addition to the engaging talks, the event featured exhibitions from the partners, including E4 (represented by Varsha Singh) and Pinnacle (represented by Mohammad Khan), who demonstrated their creative solutions and contributions to the ICT industry.

Attendees were impressed by the innovative products and services showcased at the event.

Dr Sisa NgebulanaDr Sisa Ngebulana
Dr Sisa Ngebulana

In his final remarks, Dr. Sisa Ngebulana thanked everyone and emphasized the ICT sector’s continued commitment to innovation and collaboration. He said, “The pulse of our contemporary civilization is technology.” It touches every facet of our lives, from how we communicate to how we work to how we learn and entertain ourselves. More importantly, technology is the bedrock upon which we can build a dynamic, equitable future. It holds the key to addressing some of our most pressing challenges, more so in healthcare, education, financial services, and economic development.”

”The Billion Group’s strategic pivot to the ICT sector highlights our decision to embrace ICT, driven by a desire to be part of a great connected future. Not just to adapt to change, but to lead it. By focusing on ICT, we aim to contribute significantly to creating smart, sustainable environments that enhance the quality of life for all of us. From business process systems to smart cities, to data centers, to digital infrastructure that enables equitable access to the internet for all, and so on. We cannot do it alone without the collaboration of everyone.” Dr. Sisa concludes.

Take a peek at the image gallery, which highlights the event’s glamor and splendor.

Pinnacle/Alcatel-Lucent concluded the prestigious event with a live raffle, announcing two winners.

Overall, the partner sessions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities at the event left attendees feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities technology can bring to their businesses.

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