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I have been exorcised from the ‘father for all’ syndrome — Mahama

He emphasised that if he were to be elected in the future, his government would not tolerate corruption within the NPP administration or his appointees.

Addressing the press on Sunday, July 7, 2024, Mahama said a future NDC government will not pardon any corrupt official in the current NPP administration, including his appointees.

He acknowledged the need for strict accountability and stressed that individuals found guilty of corruption would face consequences, regardless of their position.

My boss [Prof Atta Mills] was a special person. He several times said he believed in looking forward and not looking into the past, and so I’m sure that people got away with some of the crimes that they had committed against the people.

[But] I can assure you if you believe that I was imbued with the ‘father for all syndrome’, it has been exorcised. And it’s been exorcised because it’s a demand by the people of Ghana. The people of Ghana are asking for accountability,” Mahama said.

He stated “We must create a situation where everybody who agrees to serve must know that you’ll be held accountable to the people.

It is not a threat! It is a promise. That we will hold public officers accountable. And it’s not going to be only post-regime accountability. I’ve said it several times; if you get into trouble, I’m not going to be a clearing agent to clear you. If the investigative agencies catch up with you, you’re on your own.”

Mahama also highlighted the importance of addressing the issue of corruption, citing the current unrest in Kenya as a warning for Ghana.

He recognised that corruption remains a significant national crisis, with many citizens expressing worry about the ineffective fight against corruption.

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