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Joy prime has innovatively changed our drama industry, maintaining the elegance, cultural, and traditional value of our country. President Joy prime pledges to cater the entertainment content with respect to the culture and preferences of Ghanaian audience. It is popular because its content is for the entire family with special focus on females of Ghana.   Joy prime Dramas are the proud face of our entertainment industry. The legacy of thought provoking story line, excellent performances, superb direction, awesome cinematography and locations, have been a part of it since forever. Women look for interesting dramas every evening to enjoy with their families. Its dramas has filled the gap perfectly well and provided some record breaking drama serials for the dedicated viewers not only in Ghana but worldwide. It has every ingredient of entertainment that viewers look up to! Enriched with emotions, suspense, and superb performances makes Joy prime shows worth watching.


Joy prime after its launch came up with excellent dramas, soaps, sitcoms that are not only famous in Ghana but all around the world. The viewers can also watch celebrity talk show, morning shows, Tele films, drama songs and latest movies. The show refreshes your mood from energetic content that captivates the audience. Joy prime is not restricted to TV shows as it has made its mark in the silver screen by producing films. It has made a remarkable success in the field of fashion as well. In order to pay tribute and acknowledge the achievement of Ghana fashion industry, by holding an award ceremony.

Not Only That,

The online visitors can access Joy prime Live online and can watch any missed out episode of their favorite drama serial, or even to watch the latest one. Joy prime Live Streaming is available online at You can watch the latest episodes of Joy prime dramas, soaps and sitcoms via live streaming on   Joy prime is popular 24 hour entertainment TV channel. It is renowned for its spell bounding and legendary dramas, soaps, and serials. It has laid down the foundation of delivering quality entertainment to audiences, making them forget American content. The role of Joy prime cannot be neglected in the revival of Ghanaian drama. It is undoubtedly Ghana’s most watched drama channel that has the ability to keep viewers glued to TV screens. The popularity of Joy prime TV Channel reached international borders and has spell bound the international audiences with mesmerizing performances.