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Health Tech Innovation Impact on South African Corporations

CEO for Khoi Tech, Seati Moloi

In recent years, workplace wellness has transformed due to innovation and technology, accelerated by the aftermath of Covid-19. Traditional methods are making room for a more holistic approach. This is according to Founder and CEO of Khoi Tech, Seati Moloi.

Covid- 19 Impact

He laments, “The pandemic, while devastating in its impact, has also served as a catalyst for innovation in healthcare. It has underscored the critical need for novel technologies capable of swiftly addressing healthcare challenges, particularly in environments where resources are limited. From this necessity arises a pressing demand for innovative solutions that enhance health outcomes and facilitate safer, more productive work environments.”

Innovations, solutions

“Health-tech innovation offers hope for improved employee wellness. Wearables, healthcare software, portable medical devices, telemedicine, and virtual reality are revolutionizing corporate health.”

“An example is the Khoi.health Group App, a cloud-based platform revolutionizing corporate wellness. It integrates multiple devices and data sources, offering comprehensive health data and proactive management for employee wellness.” said Moloi

The innovative platform boasts several modules tailored to meet diverse organisational needs. These include:

  • Employee Wellness: Fostering a culture of well-being among employees through personalised health insights and interventions.
  • Dr-to-patient Remote Monitoring: Facilitating remote monitoring and care management, enhancing access to healthcare services.
  • Driver Health Monitoring: Ensuring the well-being of employees in industries reliant on driving, such as logistics and transportation.
  • Sports Teams Data Analytics: Optimising performance and injury prevention strategies for sports teams through data-driven insights.
  • Family Wellness: Extending the reach of wellness initiatives to include employees’ families, promoting holistic health within communities.

Telkom-supported Khoi Tech’s corporate solution offers proactive wellness management, actionable insights, enhanced employee engagement, and alignment with ESG principles.

“In a world where employee well-being is increasingly recognised as a cornerstone of organisational success, the role of health-tech innovation cannot be overstated.”

“In our nation’s pursuit to navigate the complexities of the post-pandemic era, it is encouraging to the rise and harnessing of the power of innovation to prioritise the health and wellness of our most valuable asset – our people. Together, let us pave the way towards a healthier, happier, and more prosperous future.” he added

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